About Lenora

So you want to learn about Lenora?

Well, I was born in Southern Ohio in the foothills of Appalachia. My father was a musician and music was always part of my life. I always liked to sing and my first stage appearance was in the third grade program where I sang a solo in the song Go Tell It on the Mountain. It was memorable to me and my family. School and singing continued as I was in the Triple Trio in the Junior High. High School left me without song as I was in the band and a majorette. I did sing in the church choir even at an early age. Daddy was the director so I sang the part he was short on that week.

Now I fancy myself a searcher and singing became part of my search. Song requires breath and movement, song clears the body and the mind, brings a smile and helps with letting go of worries. Singing feels good and I searched ways for song to fill my life with those good feelings. I sang in women's circles, with drums and rattles, chanting away the evening.

I soon expanded to Native American songs in ceremony and in teachings. Once, while a teacher was in town, my Mom and Dad came to see what it was all about. I opened the teaching with four traditional songs for the group and it moved my Dad to say to Mom: "Rita, I think we have lost her." He saw how the song had moved me and thought I was going to move to an Indian reservation (I almost did).

I traveled the continent singing with different traditional people whenever I was welcomed. I sang in church choir at the local church. Singing was the best part of church for me. Between midweek rehearsal and Sunday morning, I got my singing in every week.

Kirtan came into my life the first time I heard Krishna Das sing his devotional chants. This was yet another form of song that would move through the soul. I bought CD's and attended local kirtan groups singing myself into a meditative state. I spent a week at an Ashram to sing Kirtan.

One day I recall feeling like I would like to find my soulmate so I followed instructions in a book and wrote down everything that I would like in a mate. Never thinking it possible I went out on a limb and wrote a partner to sing with, to perform with! I believe in the law of attraction and affirmed my list often but couldn't help being a bit skeptical.

Now, I remember the first time I saw Bob Yocum. He was playing his fiddle on a stage with a band but all the spotlights were on him (not really but he was the only one illuminated in my eyes.) He walked up to me that night and said "Howdy, my name's Bob." I thought, that's all I need, a playboy musician in my life and excused myself. It took over three years for us to have another conversation except for an occasional smile and "hi" when I would see him play.

On one fateful night, we got to talking, next thing you know we were spooning! then, all of the sudden we were singing, and singing and spooning and spooning and singing. And so, my search is over. One day I remembered that old soulmate list and have a renewed faith in the law of attraction and affirmation for I am indeed singing with my partner, performing on stage and loving every minute.

So I hope you enjoy the show -cause we sure do enjoy you! Live and Love Folks!